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What we do

Via Domani specializes in building strategic partnerships that develop emerging technologies and find new ways to support creativity. We create of world class visual art experiences and partnerships based on shared vision and uncompromising excellence. We work with you to connect to sophisticated audiences, realize incredible projects and build engaging experiences. 


Art consulting

Strategic consulting

Trend Forecasting

Global sourcing of vendors and expertise



Experiential marketing

Creative outreach program development

Design and production of creative collaborations, projects, and events




Creative technology transfer

Advanced manufacturing and design technology development

Creative Outreach

Creative Outreach


Companies are working with artists and designers in new ways. Via Domani understands that art and culture need to be treated as something that means more than just "content". When approached correctly, this special status can provide a company or brand with an opportunity to also do something that means more.

Creative outreach is an opportunity for a company to express and to cultivate both their internal culture and their place in society at large. Taking full advantage of these opportunities require open and engaged relationships that treat culture and artists as more than another form of filler “content”. Art and cultural projects are not standard marketing activations, and Via Domani is not a standard agency.


Successful creative outreach projects can also help you to engage influential audiences who are the champions of taste and trend, demographics with outsize critical and media impact. These discerning and elusive audiences reject cliché, heavy-handed branding, and overt manipulation. Via Domani can help you reach these audiences respectfully and thoughtfully, and to design and manage effective arts projects that also clearly communicate your values and vision. That’s what we do.


Creative Technology Transfer



Via Domani’s Creative Technology Transfer practice works to put new technologies in the hands of the world’s most creative minds. Our unique Creative Technology Transfer projects engage directly with artists, designers, and universities to develop the next generation of creative technologies. Our approach offers exceptional application research and market development combined with the unparalleled exposure and engagement opportunities of creative projects.


Working with artists, designers, and other creative partners can be transformative for both your internal thought process and your potential markets. These projects can establish the vision and creativity of a brand, while also building captivating applications.  Via Domani works to match industry developers with the right artists, designers, architects, or university programs to build creative and inspiring applications for your technology.


These projects place your work into the public eye faster than any conventional product cycle. Even at your earliest stages, it is crucial to establish precedent, to stake territory, and to secure your market as quickly as possible. Our projects provide fast, agile project development, and design forward thinking. They quickly establish optimum market positioning and often yield viable products and surprising insights.

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